MSA conducts a free seminar on Civil Service Exam

In preparation for the upcoming Civil Service Exam on October 28, 2007, MSA conducts a free seminar on Civil Service Exam in different government offices and municipalities.  It is a two-hour seminar which includes test-taking tips and a practice test that covers Sentence Completion, Synonyms, Antonyms, Error Identification, Sentence Correction, Paragraph Organization, Reading Comprehension, Analogy, Numerical Reasoning, Number Series, General Information and Clerical Ability. The MSA team, in cooperation with Binangonan City Mayor Hon. Cecilio Boyet Ynares, conducted a Free 2-hour seminar to more than a hundred employees working under the Binangonan Municipal office.  The MSA Training Seminar, which was held last August 23, 2007, the participants were given a short sample test.  This gives them a glimpse how the actual test would more likely be. Then a lecture in a power point presentation followed. Each participant got an MSA Civil Service Review Booklet also for free to further help them in the test preparation.