Whiz Kids Academy

Mission and Vision

We are committed to nurture the body, mind, and soul of the children; provide them opportunities to explore their potentials and interests; help them develop and balance their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills; and ultimately, contribute not only well-wounded and well-adapted individuals but also creative and critical thinkers to society.

Philosophy of our School

We believe that we must cultivate self-appreciation and positive self-image on the students in order to unlock their potentials.

We believe that children should be not only knowledgeable individuals but also critical and creative thinkers.

We believe in the balanced development of the children’s logical, imaginative, and cognitive faculties.

We believe in an integrated teaching approach, where the interrelationships of the subjects are presented to the children.

We believe in interactive learning where children gain knowledge or skills through hands-on activities.

We believe that parents are the most significant adults in a children’s life. As such, we encourage them to work together with the school in developing their children’s skills and talents.

Physical Settings

Our classroom is fully air-conditioned, well-lit and matted with comfortable tables and chairs for safe, fun, and structured learning. We provide enough space to allow children to move around, play, explore and children to build on their creativity and individuality, discover. The shelves which contain an ample number of books and age-appropriate toys, are neatly organized. The classroom is divided into clearly defined learning areas, each offering a wide range of interesting materials and activities.

A Math/Manipulatives Area with materials that encourage counting, grouping and sorting.

A Woodworking/Creative Arts Area to hone the children’s budding creativity.

A Home Living/Dramatic Play Area for role-playing and pretending.

A Science Area for exploring basic concepts using simple materials.