Mrs. Sarical
"Good Day, it is my pleasure in giving a testimony on how MSA helped Prinze Dane to pass the Philippine Science High School Entrance Exam. Some of Prinze’s classmates did as well a review from the other review center but as I heard they didn’t make it. Prinze confidently passes the exam since according to him most of the topics included in the test were reviewed. I was so satisfied with the result of his review because he really did a great job in passing the PSHS entrance exam. KUDOS to MSA and may you continue to enhance the ability and capability that is in every child."

Guitar Angelo Lim Cabrera
PSHS Passer
"I am glad my parents enrolled me in the review class for the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) entrance exam at the MSA BGC. The review class, including all the lectures and practice tests, really helped me prepare for the PSHS entrance exam, enabling me to pass it. For this, I would like to thank MSA BGC and all its teachers and staff."

Brenda Gannaban
UPCAT and ACET Passer
"I'd say that the constant and everyday challenges of the MSA modules and quizzes helped me a lot because it required me to think quickly on my feet to be able to answer the questions at hand. Also, the HW they tasked me with helped me retain the knowledge I reacquired through the review lessons because even in my home, we had to remember the topics at hand and ways to solve problems. Since we used the classic pen and paper, our muscle memory kicked in and made my memory stronger. That being said, these ways of the review center helped me a lot in passing the entrance exams. "

Ian Pararuan
UPCAT and ACET Passer
"MSA has helped me a lot in passing the entrance exams. One of the first things that I learned from MSA is not to be too complacent. I was quite confident of my skills, but MSA taught me that you need more to be able to pass the entrance exams. This realization helped me strive to become better. The lessons in MSA was quite difficult. The coverage was broad and it included all and maybe even more than what showed up in the entrance exams. It included all of the lessons that was needed for the exams, from the basics to the more advanced lessons. Some were already taken during class in high school, but MSA explained it in a much simpler way that we can comprehend and remember easily. The tutors were also generous in giving clever advises and tips that would help us immensely in our entrance exams. It was difficult, reviewing all the materials that MSA gave me and remembering all the helpful tips and advices, but it sure was worth it. I am not complaining about the difficulty of the tutorial, but rather I am actually feeling thankful. I am probably not going to pass the UPCAT and ACET if not for the help of MSA. Getting used to difficult lessons actually made UPCAT and ACET seem like a breeze. Again, thank you MSA for helping me pass my college entrance tests. I hope you continue your excellent service for the future College Entrance Training Program students."

Ivan Dionisio
ACET Passer
"Before taking the ACET, I had no idea what to expect. I was acting on what I knew about the exam, which is that it was nearly impossible to pass and I should already accept the fact that I won’t get in. Long story short, I had no confidence and I lost hope. I did not expect so much. Taking the summer review program and the ACET Refresher course didn’t only give me the knowledge and the confidence that I needed to take the exam, but also showed me a fun time with great new friends along with quirky but professional teachers. With confidence on my side, I took the exam knowing that I prepared in the best way and in the best institution that I know. My older sister went to MSA, and now she’s graduating with flying colors. I can surely say that MSA did it once more. My journey as a future college student has only begun, but I can say I started it the right way with MSA.."

Andre Apacible
"MSA helped me to be able to recall past topics that were taught in my whole stay in high school. MSA also helped me to know what is important from what's not. Aside from those, it instilled in me some test taking techniques that I was able to use in both college entrance tests that I took which lead to a great result. One of the things I learned was to answer easy questions first and then once I finish, proceed to those difficult ones. I also learned how to manage my time better for every question due to the training that I got from MSA. I'm very thankful for the help that MSA gave me and it was really a fun and informative experience."

Angeli Ancheta – Ramos
Executive Director
"Anna was able to be included in top 100 in both DLSU and Ateneo during her college entrance exam and top 50 in UST college entrance test. It helped in advance studies which she was able to Gold Medalist in High School. For Tara, her grades went up and she was in Honor Roll last quarter (It has been a while when she was an honor)"

Ericson Cruz

"MSA has been a very big factor in my life when it comes to academics. I enrolled in MSA back in my first year of high school. They taught me lots of methods and techniques in handling problems in different subject areas such as Math ,English, and Science. Few years have passed, all my friends and family noticed the positive changes in my grades and the way I respond when it comes to school performances. During my last year as a high school student I still had MSA to guide and motivate me as I prepare for the college entrance tests of the big universities. Not only did I get to review my lessons, I also got tips from the teachers which really helped me answer the tests efficiently. After months of hardwork and preparation with MSA, the time to take the tests finally came and I was glad to leave each test room knowing that I was taught well. Eventually I found out that I passed UPCAT and ACET after they both have been released. And I couldn't be more thankful with everything that MSA helped me because it made a very big impact in my life. It changed me from just being an average student into more responsible, and better performing student."

Mrs. Herrera
"Good support for lessons learned in school and advance study."

Mildred T. Tapnio
"MSA help our daugther excel in St. Scholastica's Academy. During first month of school year, she got low scores in Math quizzes, then we enrolled her at MSA for tutorial. When she took the 1st periodical test and long tests, she almost got a perfect score 39/40. With MSA she was motivated to learn more and wants to enrol not only MSA Math tutorial, but with English and Science subjects and our family is willing to support her even MSA is very far from our place."

Karylle Ayen Tapnio and Teacher Ella

Anna Luisa A. Datu
"My children became more interested in math subject. They already understand their lesson in math and their grades are good."

datu sisters

Julianne Datu and Teacher Amor | Cassandra Datu and Teacher Ella

Arlyn Omila
MSA was able to help increase my son's final grade in Math by 8 points. We are happy that he is now more confident in his lessons. It's good that he's able to understand the topics in Math well.

Amparo Pelaez
They passed the exams according to them, everything seems easy.

Leana Cordero
"MSA is already established when it comes to tutoring and I also heard a lot of good feedback from other parents I know, and my child really improve her reading skill and she is happy and confident about it."

Chiara Gatmaitan
For a girl who grew up in the province, the thought of reviewing for the college entrance tests in an urban area is seriously nerve-racking. I had second thoughts before I enrolled in MSA Makati because I would have to be away from home and who would find it fun to study during summer vacation, right? But I seriously had no idea that MSA would have an enormous impact in my life. My mother enrolled me in two programs: CETP and AAP Physics. The college entrance test review was of course my priority and taking up advanced lessons in physics was a personal decision. Because of these, I had classes six days a week. At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy my stay in MSA but as time passed by, I found myself getting excited to go to the center whether for the review or the advanced lessons in physics. And later on I became more comfortable being in the center that I think I became a part of the family and further discovered a “home”. I found the review a bit difficult but it was in this program of MSA that I learned how to not be ashamed of asking questions whenever I don’t understand what is being taught, how to patiently deal with my shortcomings, and how to reward myself for the good work I have done (doing this does boost your mood and motivation for getting higher grades!). Attending the AAP Physics program also was a great joy even though I didn’t have any classmates. I enjoyed the company of the science teachers since they’re amusing and they’re the chill and cool types of educators. I never noticed it but one of the comments I got from my teacher was, “ready to face the challenges with a smile” and I do think this was because I was weirdly having a lot of fun in learning the science that deals with matter, energy, and their interaction with each other. The review paid off since I passed the two universities I applied for: UP (Los Banos, BS Human Ecology) and UST (BS Pharmacy). And I even got bonuses which are graduating as the batch valedictorian of our school and qualifying for the academic scholarship program of UST. I know I wouldn’t remember everything they taught in Math, English and Science but I’m pretty sure that MSA left a mark in my being: I learned how to deal with this old impatient and lazy girl and transform it into a lot more cheerful, perseverant, and disciplined young lady; I learned that studying means a lot more than books and pencils because one obtains more authentic and fruitful knowledge when communication is present among the people involved; and I learned that real success is achieved when one applies discipline, passion, patience, love, and joy to his/her work.

Olive Estrella
"My daughter has improvement in her reading comprehension and my son finds his math subject at school a little easier because of continues drills."

Gene Abao
"My son was in the grade 1 summer math remedial program. MSA helped build his skills and confidence to pass the program."

Jeanette A. Schreiber

“MSA has helped in greatly improving my daughter Sabrina with her academic. Her grade in school has noticeable increase and she gained more confidence in school.”

Sabrina A. Schreiber

Sabrina Schreiber and her Teacher Rhoel

Lorna P Goco
Q.C Manager
“My son was able to cope with his lessons particularly in math because of the exercise being given and the expertise of the tutor.”

Josephine C. Demetillo
“My daughter Stephanie learned and understands the lessons and she got a perfect grade in the 1st science quiz.”

Rosita T. Tabien
Private Employee, Philusa Corp.
“My daughter passed the UPCAT and other colleges/university entrance exams.”

Emerita G. Cabayao
“MSA helped my children learn and apply focus on every subject or activity they have. It's a big help. Besides, they learn how to independent, my eldest daughter (Lucille) likes MSA. Her school works such as assignment and review are done well beforehand so her grades have much improved and my son Joshua has shown interest to study in advance. He is now quite decided and eager to go to school.”

Cabayao Sisters and Teacher Jane

Jacqueline G. Malimban
Government Employee
“MSA is a trusted tutorial center and I believe it has a good program. Their teachers also have profound knowledge on subject matters and It is really helped them prepare for their subjects, upcoming lessons and entrance exams.”

Jethro Palanca
“The MSA program instilled a new-found love for knowledge and the industriousness to strive to gain it.”

Anna Liza Ricarte

“He can cope up with his lessons in school especially in Math and became more independent in doing his homework.”

Michael O. Chua
“MSA helped my children acquire better grades and more thorough understanding their lessons.”

“MSA helped my children to pass the entrance exam in Phil Science High School & Ateneo. From time to time, I also enrolled my eldest in Tutorial Program in Math to prepare him for his Long Tests & Quarterly Exams. The result is really favorable because he belongs to the Director’s Lists of Phil. Science High School this recent school year (2014-2015). To be able to include in PSHS Director’s Lists, a student should have an average of 1.00 to 1.5 without any grade lower in 2.5. ”

Ma. Cristina Agbayani
“MSA improved their academic ability. More confident in answering their school individual assessment.”

MSA Teacher Maia and Agbayani sisters

Nathan John Torento
“My name is Nathan John Torento, for almost 10 years of my life; I’ve been enrolled at the Merle S. Alferez Academic Advancement Institute (MSA) for various academic interests, thanks to mostly to my pedagogic yet loving mother. I think she found out about MSA through one of their books. You see, ever since I was a child, I always felt her vigorous desire for me to really excel in Math and Science. She used to say (something I think now is true) that she didn’t want me to struggle with these subjects in school like other kids she knew, did. Looking back, perhaps her passion for me to excel in school is what channeled into my fervent passion for getting and giving good education – a passion that has been fostered and supported by MSA. To be honest, I don’t remember the day clearly, but back then I was a chubby-faced, short, backpacked, baby-faced kid when I first entered the institute at MSA Katipunan, nervously clutching my mother’s hand while waiting for the teacher with my older brother. As of writing this, I am now a 16-year-old, non-chubby-faced, non-short, still backpacked, baon-bringing kid enrolled at MSA Makati Branch. I’m quite sure thanks to them; I have grown more equipped for life, academically and socially. With its high standards for teachers, I have personally, year after year, seen how MSA has been able to greatly impact the lives of its wide diversity of students, - teenagers seeking help in upcoming national university entrance tests or final examinations, young, adult, and elderly foreigners, locals wanting to learn English, school students seeking support for catching up with or becoming more advanced than lessons in school, and even adorable little kids learning how to speak as they go experience the world of crying, dancing and learning. I guess what I really loved about MSA teachers is that they have never been as pedantic as my teachers in school (although of course, they would reinforce topics we learned at school in their own way). In fact, even while they’ve taught me all as mature and erudite adults, I’ve always seen them as older brothers and sisters who have only wanted me to really, really understand my lessons by the end of class. This lively and open environment allowed for me to meet, learn from and make great memories with a few of the coolest, most enthusiastic and most caring adults I’ve ever seen.”

Nathan John Torento and Teacher Niña