MSA’s story is all about family. After ending a successful and long-standing teaching career in exclusive schools to focus on her family, Merle S. Alferez continued her love for teaching Math by giving one-on-one tutorials in her very own home. This led to the foundation of the very first MSA center in 1988.

The Philippines’ pioneer in academic advancement, MSA has grown into a large family of centers with locations in GMA, Southern Luzon, as well as Cebu. An academic institution run by a family of academicians, our extended family includes highly qualified and experienced teachers, most of whom were trained by Merle herself; an assurance that her legacy of utmost family-like service and quality instruction continues.

At MSA, we offer programs that cut across your various academic and professional needs. From tutorials starting at preschool, high school and college entrance exams, to civil service eligibility reviews, like your family, we make sure that we stay by your side throughout your lifetime.