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Success Stories

  • Guitar Angelo Lim Cabrera

    I am glad my parents enrolled me in the review class for the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) entrance exam at the MSA BGC. The review class, including all the lectures and practice tests, really helped me prepare for the PSHS entrance exam, enabling me to pass it. For this, I would like to thank MSA BGC and all its teachers and staff.

    PSHS Passer - Guitar Angelo Lim Cabrera

  • Olive Estrella

    My daughter has improvement in her reading comprehension and my son finds his math subject at school a little easier because of continues drills.

    housewife/businesswoman - Olive Estrella

  • Gene Abao

    My son was in the grade 1 summer math remedial program. MSA helped build his skills and confidence to pass the program.

    Banker - Gene Abao

  • Mildred T. Tapnio

    MSA help our daughter excel in St. Scholastica's Academy. During first month of school year, she got low scores in Math quizzes, then we enrolled her at MSA for tutorial. When she took the 1st periodical test and long tests, she almost got a perfect score 39/40. With MSA she was motivated to learn more and wants to enroll not only MSA Math tutorial, but with English and Science subjects and our family is willing to support her even MSA is very far from our place.

    Nurse - Mildred T. Tapnio

  • Arlyn Omila

    MSA was able to help increase my son's final grade in Math by 8 points. We are happy that he is now more confident in his lessons. It's good that he's able to understand the topics in Math well.

    Housewife - Arlyn Omila

  • Olive Estrella

    My daughter has improvement in her reading comprehension and my son finds his math subject at school a little easier because of continues drills."

    housewife/businesswoman - Olive Estrella

  • Rosita T. Tabien

    My daughter passed the UPCAT and other colleges/university entrance exams.”

    Private Employee, Philusa Corp. - Rosita T. Tabien


    MSA helped my children to pass the entrance exam in Phil Science High School & Ateneo. From time to time, I also enrolled my eldest in Tutorial Program in Math to prepare him for his Long Tests & Quarterly Exams. The result is really favorable because he belongs to the Director’s Lists of Phil. Science High School this recent school year (2014-2015). To be able to include in PSHS Director’s Lists, a student should have an average of 1.00 to 1.5 without any grade lower in 2.5.


  • Marina Albaraccin

    As a student athlete, leader, and member of a number of organizations, it was very difficult to catch up on lessons in school. When Junior year ended, I felt the pressure of needing to get into a top university. The focus was more on going to UP Diliman since almost everyone in my family studied there. With advice from my sister, who passed all three universities, I decidedto try MSA just as she did. With the help of MSA, I was able to catch up with all the lessons I did not understand. I did not only get into a top university but into "the big three" namely, DLSU, ADMU, and UP. MSA really prepared me for the exams by giving me the right materials, good facilities, and endless support from the teachers. I had no regrets joining the MSA community!

    ADMU / DLSU / UPCAT Passer - Marina Albaraccin

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